Assessment for Health Professions Education

As a former Assistant Dean Assessment, overlooking a 5-year MBBS program, I have gained invaluable insights into optimizing the use and interpretation of assessment data. I was astonished to discover that many medical schools still rely on basic psychometric methods, leaving a wealth of potential untapped. It’s as if these institutions are navigating through the fog, unaware of the clarity that awaits with more advanced data analytical techniques. By embracing sophisticated statistical approaches, such as Item Response Theory or Structural Equation Modeling, medical schools and HPE institutions can reap tremendous benefits, such as making more informed decisions about student performance and progression, providing comprehensive feedback to students, and enhancing transparency regarding assessment practices and standard setting. Let me help you lift the veil and unleash the full potential of your assessment data.


Discover the full range of services I offer by exploring the links below. These resources will provide you with a deeper understanding of the value I can bring to Health Professions Education assessment. Dive into detailed samples of reports I generate, learn about the various services I provide, and stay up-to-date on pressing issues in the world of HPE assessment through my blog. Unlock the potential of advanced assessment analysis and elevate your institution’s assessment capabilities today.

Time to upgrade how you analyze your assessment data...

Our main services include: 

  • Advanced statistical analyses for all types of assessments
  • Comprehensive reports and intuitive graphical representations
  • Training in psychometric analyses and statistics
  • Mentorship programs for implementing Multisource Progress Assessment

Mission &


Provide in-depth insights in the quality of assessments in medical education

Medical education relies predominantly on high-stake examinations. Since educational decisions are based on a limited number of these high-stake examinations, validity and especially reliability are paramount. Current psychometric procedures often fall short in adequately establishing validity and reliability evidence of high-stake examinations. More sophisticated statistical methods are required to fully understand the quality of assessments currently administered in medical education. It is my mission to help medical schools to achieve that. 


Make assessment in medical education fair and transparent

A change has to happen in medical education to move away from an over-reliance of high-stake examinations, that require complex analyses of psychometric properties. The solution is Multisource Progress Assessment (MPA) that relies on the frequent administration of a multitude of low-stake tests to form a more holistic and richer picture of students’ performance over time. Multisource Progress Assessment will make assessment in medical education more balanced and transparent. It is my vision to bring this approach to assessment to medical schools world wide.