Rotgans Research

Dr Ingmar Jerome Rotgans (PhD, MSc, BSc)

I offer a comprehensive range of expert services tailored to meet your unique needs:

Empowering Knowledge: Insightful Research, Innovative Education, and Adaptive Solutions.


Research Design & Analysis: Assisting with study design, advanced data analysis, and academic writing, ensuring insightful results and boosting your paper’s chances of acceptance.

Education & Training: We provide all-encompassing education and training services, including active learning implementations, such as PBL and TBL, course design, and program evaluations to optimize learning outcomes.

Neuroadaptive Training Research & Applications: Investigating advanced neuroadaptive training methods by employing fNIRS technology to determine cognitive workload, expertise and learning needs in high-risk trining environments, such as the military, health care, and aviation. 

Maritime / Navy: Specializing in efficient and focused training for maritime personnel, we offer customized courses, operational team-based learning (OTBL), and are exploring the potential of neuroadaptive training to optimize training outcomes.

Assessment for HPE: Providing expert evaluation and analysis of diverse assessment data, enabling informed decision-making and comprehensive feedback for medical schools and HPE institutions.