Rotgans Research

Independent Research and Training Organization

We are at the forefront of applied neuroscience research, with a deep commitment to enhancing operational effectiveness in the military. Our groundbreaking protocols for assessing the cognitive workload of military personnel utilize neural patterns to precisely identify training and learning needs, ensuring optimal readiness and peak performance. Leveraging over two decades of academic research expertise, we provide specialized statistical analyses and methodological guidance. Our training programs are meticulously designed to equip professionals with advanced research methodologies, statistical analysis skills, and an understanding of neuroscientific research principles.

The NEURO NAVY Project

Dive into the revolutionary world of Neuro-Adaptive Simulator Training (N.A.S.T.), an avant-garde fusion of neuroscience and simulator training methodologies. Designed to harness the power of real-time brain imaging, N.A.S.T. seeks to delve deep into cognitive processes during decision-making tasks. By capturing these intricate neural responses, it offers an objective, enriched perspective on training assessment and personalized learning. Elevate your understanding of human performance and the future of training with N.A.S.T.—where science meets simulation in high-risk and time-sensitive professions.